A National Doctors' Day Message from Dr. Elana Schrader, SVP, Health Care Services and President, GuideWell Health

It’s National Doctors’ Day, an annual celebration of physicians and the work they do in our communities. For many reasons, it’s an occasion that is near and dear to my heart.

I chose to pursue a career in medicine after a childhood spent watching my father, also a physician, tirelessly care for his patients. His dedication and depth of knowledge were inspiring. Today, I am equally inspired by so many of our team members at GuideWell who are using their time, talent and expertise as doctors to help our members and patients in a wide variety of roles.

Whether in a clinical setting or serving our organization in another, equally important way, our community of doctors across the enterprise is quite literally our mission in action. They have chosen to spend their days helping people and communities achieve better health. We couldn’t do it without them.

I’m also grateful for the incredible network of Florida Blue physicians and other health care providers across the state who have been caring for our members—and all Floridians—during a year where the challenges seemed endless. They have served on the front lines day in and day out to support their communities through the pandemic, while also ensuring that patients received high-quality care for their everyday health care needs. I know it has not been easy.

To all of our doctors, we honor you! Thank you for your relentless commitment to our members, patients, communities—and all of us.

-- Elana

Dr. Elana Schrader serves as GuideWell’s senior vice president, health care services and president of GuideWell Health. In this role, Schrader leads the health care delivery business within the GuideWell family of companies. She also is responsible for the development of the overarching clinical strategy for Florida Blue and leading clinical activities including care management, health promotions and wellness, pharmacy, quality, and clinical retail health initiatives.