2021 report spotlights initiatives helping people and communities achieve better health

By GuideWell

PUBLISHED ON 29 de marzo de 2022


GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation (“GuideWell”), the parent to a family of forward-thinking companies focused on advancing health care, today published its 2021 Social Impact Report, the company’s first comprehensive report on its environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. Bringing to life GuideWell’s mission of helping people and communities achieve better health, the report describes the efforts of GuideWell and its subsidiaries, including Florida Blue, the leading health insurance company in Florida to advance holistic health, inclusive business practices and environmental sustainability.

“This report describes how GuideWell sets out to ensure our products and services are accessible and affordable, meet the needs of underserved populations, address systemic inequities and contribute to the holistic well-being of our communities,” said Pat Geraghty, President and CEO of GuideWell and Florida Blue, in a letter that opens the report. “I believe when we show up with this mindset every day, we get closer to fulfilling our mission. It is both our social responsibility and a business imperative to act as good stewards of community and environmental health.”

With the theme “Creating Better Health Together,” the report highlights GuideWell’s collaborative social impact approach and how all parts of the enterprise work with one another and with a broad network of partners and collaborators to generate social, environmental and economic value for all stakeholders. The GuideWell Board of Directors is responsible for providing oversight and direction for GuideWell’s ESG strategy, setting specific metrics in consultation with external subject matter experts and ensuring accountability across the organization.

Highlights from the report include:

  • 75+ years working to make quality, affordable health care accessible to all Floridians
  • $25 million pledged over five years to advance health equity in the community
  • 6.5 million people provided with essential health and well-being services
  • 1.5 million meals provided and $3.8 million invested to improve food security
  • 10.6% of GuideWell’s supplier budget spent on diverse suppliers, with plans to increase diverse supplier spend to 20%
  • $3.8 million invested to provide unconscious bias and cultural competence training to 3,000+ health care professional
  • 71% of GuideWell’s total workforce is women
  • 10% reduction in carbon footprint, with goal of 50% by 2024
  • 8.2% reduction in paper consumption, equal to 11.7 million pages

GuideWell has concentrated its efforts in three ESG categories:

Holistic Health: GuideWell recognizes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health care. The company’s holistic approach ensures that people receive proper medical, behavioral and social services at the right time, by meeting them where they are in their health journey.

Inclusive Business Practices: GuideWell’s diverse and inclusive workplace values the unique perspectives and contributions of all employees. GuideWell and its subsidiaries work closely with members, patients, customers, employees, providers, suppliers and other health care organizations to foster and implement diverse, equitable and inclusive (DE&I) practices both internally and externally.

Environmental Sustainability: Environmental conditions directly impact population health. GuideWell promotes environmentally responsible behavior and practices throughout its operations to better serve members, strengthen community health and protect the planet.

“As we consider the many areas where GuideWell has impact, we are proud of our accomplishments to date and resolute about the collaborative work ahead,” said Dr. Kelli Tice, GuideWell’s first Chief Health Equity Officer. “Our enterprise will double down on health equity and sustainability, ensuring we make a positive contribution to the health and well-being of every member and community we serve.”

In total, GuideWell and its affiliated companies comprise more than 18,000 employees and serve more than 46 million people in 45 states, plus Washington, D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

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About GuideWell

GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation (GuideWell) is a not-for-profit mutual holding company and the parent to a family of forward-thinking companies focused on transforming health care. The GuideWell organization includes Florida Blue, the leading health insurance company in Florida; Triple-S Management, a leading health care services company in Puerto Rico; GuideWell Health, a portfolio of clinical delivery organizations; GuideWell Venture Group, a portfolio of companies including Onlife Health and PopHealthCare focused on creating human-first and innovative health solutions for health plans; GuideWell Source, a provider of administrative services to state and federal health care programs; and WebTPA, a market leading administrator of self-funded employer health plans. In total, GuideWell and its affiliated companies serve more than 46 million people in 45 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For more information, visit