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Meet our GuideWell Chatbot That’s Helping Job Seekers Find Careers

Have you ever wished you had a digital assistant to help you navigate the job search? Many career sites, like our GuideWell careers site, now offer a chatbot, a digital tool that simulates a human conversation online.

Chatbots are used to help jobseekers navigate job openings, get their questions answered and get noticed by potential employers. Our chatbots interact with jobseekers by providing shortcuts to match them to open jobs and answer frequently asked questions via artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Why use our chatbots, instead of just navigating our company’s career site?

• It’s a one-stop shop for research before applying or interviewing. When you’re applying for a job at GuideWell, you can use the chatbot to find specific jobs, understand how the application process works, learn about company news and information and locate leadership profiles or bios.

How to Tailor Your Resume to Standout as a Job Candidate

If you’re in the job market, one of the best ways to make your application stand out from others is to tailor your resume.

As a recruiter, I highly suggest you have a master resume, with detail on every position you had over the last 15 years in your field, and then tailor each version to the specific job you are applying for.

You say that takes too much time? Indeed, customizing your resume does take a little more time than just clicking on a job, attaching the same resume, and clicking apply.

However, you can greatly increase your chances of being selected for a video interview, phone interview or face-to-face interview if you have summarized the particular skills and experiences a specific employer indicated was most important.

Here are some tips and recommendations for how to update your resume for a specific job posting.

Step 1: Review the Job Posting

How to Ace a Video Interview

You have applied for a job that looks oh so, perfect and you are asked to do a video interview.

You may think the idea of a video interview is unusual, but it is becoming more and more popular for both companies and candidates. Why?

Video interviews allow candidates to showcase their skill sets and personality, when and where it’s most comfortable for them. Don’t want to take time off from your current job? Video interviews can be completed in the evenings, early mornings or on the weekends.

Another benefit of video interviewing is that hiring managers can evaluate their top candidates faster, and again, that doesn’t have to be during working hours. Video interviews provide an opportunity for companies to make hiring decisions faster.

Here are five interview tips to help you show your best self during a video interview:

Three Reasons to Join a Talent Community

If you've searched for jobs on a company's website recently, you may have noticed a button saying, "Join our Talent Network" or “Join our Talent Community.” Talent communities are becoming a common practice among employers who want to stay in touch with interested job seekers.

Talent communities are a place where people who are interested in a company, but not ready to apply, can upload their resume and leave their contact information. Once entered into a company's database, the company can easily notify you of new job opportunities, have their recruiters and sources contact you and provide you with company news and information. Talent communities provide candidates with time to learn about the company, while also showing a company you’re interested in them. The benefit for companies is that, when a position opens up, they automatically have a pool of interested candidates to contact.