Pat Geraghty Full Transcript: Meeting Members’ Needs during OEP

There’s no more important time to have affordable quality health care coverage than in the midst of a crisis like COVID-19. We kept that in mind as our team prepared for the annual Open Enrollment Period for 2021.

Our members’ needs have changed from even just a year ago. That’s why we expanded myBlue, our most affordable plan, to 36 counties. We made sure our premiums are even more affordable in 2021. We increased the amount members can earn in rewards incentives. And virtual health will play a more prominent role than ever – so we’ve got members covered there, too.

We are the only health insurance company in the state exclusively focused on Florida. We know each community is unique, with its own needs. Through our Local Market Initiative, we are committed to leveraging the strengths and capabilities of GuideWell to meet those needs. These are some of the many advantages we have over others. But it’s our employees who set us apart even further.

Like our doctors, nurses and clinic staff who are committed to helping our members stay healthy.

Our care managers who support those who are recovering from an injury or living with chronic conditions.

Our social workers who research medical grants, food, rent assistance and so many other necessities for our members and the community.

Our agents who are focused on finding the right plan to match our members’ needs.

Our call center employees who stay on the phone until each person’s questions are answered.

Our Florida Blue Center sales consultants who added video appointments as a way for members to talk face-to-face with agents during the pandemic.

Our billing and claims departments who handle each item with speed and accuracy.

Those teams and all the others are the reason we have served our members for close to eight decades and will continue for many more. And they’re the reason that our members share stories like this:

A 62-year-old widow who had always been on her husband’s health plan was unsure how to get coverage when he passed away. The woman was an insulin-dependent diabetic with COPD and was afraid she wouldn’t be able to afford her prescriptions. An agent found a plan she could afford and connected her with our chronic condition care program, which helped her get her brand-name insulin and inhaler for $10 copays. The woman left the agent’s office in tears of joy and with great peace of mind.

That’s the kind of difference our team makes every day as we continue helping people and communities achieve better health.

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