Optimizing the Startup Accelerator Experience [Podcast]

Renee Finley, head of GuideWell Innovation and Nina Nashif, CEO and Founder of Healthbox


By Kate Warnock

If you’re an entrepreneur and are considering a startup accelerator program, the one thing you likely don’t have is an excess of time or resources. How do you evaluate one business accelerator program as better from the next? If you’re accepted into a program, how do you get the most out of it? Does it make a difference if you’re coming from outside the health industry? Your questions are what motivated us to interview Nina Nashif, CEO and Founder of Healthbox, and Renee Finley, head of GuideWell Innovation, for our latest episode of GuideWell Insights. Both Nina and Renee are experts on how to optimize the startup accelerator experience and have partnered for the past three years to execute an accelerator program in Florida.



Listen for these top five takeaways:

  1. What makes Healthbox unique;
  2. If the entrepreneur – or the idea – matters most;
  3. Why certain applications rise to the top;
  4. What common pitfalls can sap your startup’s momentum, and
  5. How more women entrepreneurs can connect with funding.

While Nina and Renee provide perspective from the top down, we invite you to supplement their counsel with peer advice. Our Startup Survival series features interviews with graduates of the Healthbox accelerator program. Check how Peerfit broke through lackluster product adoption by disrupting theirbusiness model. Or how CareSpotter perfected its award-winning pitch. Don’t miss survival notes from health tech’s bleeding edge with eTect. And Yo-Fi Wellness explains why your solution designer needs to pay as much attention to the buyer as he or she does to the user.

What else matters to you as a health innovator? What’s the Startup Survival blog that hasn’t yet been written? Email GuideWell Innovation Consultant, Danielle Davis, at Danielle.davis@guidewell.com.

About the Author

Danielle Davis

Danielle Davis, MBA, works as an Innovation Consultant for GuideWell Innovation where she manages the relationship with partner Healthbox to run accelerators for entrepreneurs in the health industry. A financial whiz, Danielle is also actively involved in Waste Not Want Not, a local non-profit tackling hunger in her community. Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn or email her at danielle.davis@guidewell.com.