How Being Uninsured Inspired a Father to Become a Licensed Health Insurance Agent

Welcoming a new baby can be a special time in a parent’s life. It can also be overwhelming when things don’t go according to plan.

That’s what happened to Dion Moffett. His daughter was born three months early, weighing one pound and five ounces. Fortunately, his baby girl beat the odds, but she required a three-month hospitalization that left Dion’s family with a $500,000 medical bill.

Dion thought his daughter’s medical care was covered under health insurance. Turns out, his family didn’t have health insurance. Dion says he mistakenly purchased a medical discount plan that he thought was health coverage.

While discount health care programs can be a legitimate way for some people to save money on their health care costs, the Federal Trade Commission says discount plans aren’t health insurance and aren’t a substitute for it.

With such a hefty medical bill, Dion’s family considered selling their home. Dion says he was beyond frustrated and wanted to make sure this didn’t happen to another family. That’s when he became a licensed health insurance agent.

“I started in health insurance to make sure no one was ever placed in that position ever again,” he said.

Dion says being a health insurance agent gives you an opportunity to positively impact someone’s health.

“You may have a place to stay, a vehicle to get you from one place to the next and a job but none of that matters if your health is compromised,” said Dion. “The ability to help manage an individual’s health is a huge opportunity, especially for seniors or someone on disability. It’s about helping someone maintain their health and quality of life.”

Dion is an Associate Sales Manager at GuideWell Connect and manages a team of 21 health insurance agents, all of whom specialize in Medicare enrollment. He says it’s an opportunity that allows him to provide coaching, guidance, instruction and education.

GuideWell Connect is currently recruiting more licensed health insurance agents ahead of the Annual Election Period. Dion says it’s a career that has allowed him to provide for his family while also helping others.

“I find that working here gives me an opportunity to do more than just make money and advance my career. If you care about helping people, creating lasting relationships and making a true difference in a time when the world truly needs what we offer, then Guidewell is the place you want to be.”

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Ilyssa Drumm

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