Enhancing the Patient Experience for the Frail Elderly

By Kate Warnock

Search for “patient experience” and its Twitter offshoot (#ptexp) and you’ll find reams of conversations, white papers, and entire entities designed to tackle what we all know needs to be addressed: how to improve people’s health care experience. Perhaps no other population deserves to have their care experience scrutinized more closely than the frail elderly suffering multiple, chronic conditions.Recognizing our most vulnerable seniors deserve continuous, high quality care at an affordable cost, GuideWell has partnered with Alignment Healthcare to launch an entirely new care model. René Lerer, M.D., President of GuideWell, recently sat down with us to describe how this care model deploys a high tech- and high touch – method to treat not just seniors’ physical health conditions, but their social and emotional needs too.



Highlighting the statistics in a state well known for its silver population, according to Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs, nearly 20 percent of the state’s population is aged 65 and older; of that group, 14 percent are aged 85+. And we can expect to see that percentage rise in the coming decades as the nation feels the impact of the “silver tsunami.” There is no doubt that now is the time to embrace a digitally-powered, holistic, compassionate care model designed with our frail elderly population at its core. Our collaboration with Alignment Healthcare makes that care possible.

Whether its reinventing how consumers receive urgent and high acuity care, delivering culturally-relevant care to the Hispanic community, or treating seniors holistically, GuideWell looks to reimagine health care delivery as we know it. Watch this space for updates and insights on how – and why – GuideWell will continue to innovate in this space.


About the Author

Kate Warnock

Kate is the social media manager for the GuideWell enterprise, and specializes in creating content that connects GuideWell with health influencers in the social space. Find her corporate podcasts on iTunes and follow her on Twitter @mkatewarnock.