GuideWell Innovation

Reimagining the Future of Health

GuideWell Innovation™ creates real-world health solutions for commercialization by the GuideWell companies and our partners with the single goal of rapidly accelerating health innovations that help people and communities achieve better health. We adhere to the basic principles that industry sustainability requires solutions that lower cost, improve effectiveness of care and empower consumers.

Driving Innovation, Empowering Collaboration

We bring great minds together to transform new ideas into health solutions. Learn more about us today.

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Our approach is simple, but sophisticated

We bring great minds together to facilitate and transform new ideas into solutions, helping communities achieve better health.

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To advance the transformation of the health industry by rapidly accelerating health innovation.

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To build a global center of health excellence, where thought leaders will converge to address current issues, evaluate emerging trends, and find new solutions to radically transform and reshape our industry.

Centers of Excellence

At GuideWell Innovation we focus our efforts around seven Centers of Excellence through which we
identify market problems and develop new innovative solutions to be rapidly designed, prototyped, and
commercialized. We intelligently bring entrepreneurs and thought leaders together to facilitate and
accelerate the transformation of new ideas into useful products.

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Care Delivery
Examining unique service models of care along with advanced care
capabilities like HIE empowered care models, next generation sequencing,
personalized medicine, and medical animation/simulation.

Computational Health
Driving forward machine learning and predictive health analytics across the
aggregation of complex datasets such as real-time claims and clinical data,
and consumer analytic databases to improve outcomes.

Digital Health & Remote Management
Advancing new solutions in digital and remote management through the
continuum of collaborative programs of research, prototyping and startups
into commercialized opportunities for scale. Domains include wearables and
invisible devices, sensors, intelligent homes and intelligent communities,
digital therapeutics and digital health commerce.

Health Care Financing
Analysis of key components of value and risk in healthcare and evaluation of
new models for risk-based financing and payment.

Health Policy
Healthcare reform, Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance, FDA, HHS, CMS, NIH,
data regulations and EHRs.

Next Generation Consumer Engagement
Advancing leading edge solutions for engaging consumers through social,
local and mobile to manage their health and their personal health ecosystem
by leveraging advanced consumer analytics, behavioral motivation theory,
and social affinity connectivity..

Wellbeing & Human Performance
Optimization of human capabilities through the promotion of wellbeing and
human performance within the domains of nutrition, sports, prevention,
home health, and workplace wellness.

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