GuideWell at #MediFuture 2024: The Healthy Human 2.0

Today marks the first full day of the MediFuture 2024 Conference in Tampa, Florida. This invitation-only event on September 16-18 is a place where senior health care leaders from around the country will come together to learn, share, network and make connections empowering them to transform our health care system into what it needs to be to ensure a healthier, more efficient system for consumers.

It’s also a place where GuideWell is making its public debut. As an anchor organization of the conference, we will be showcasing many of the facets of our innovation program through the Healthy Human 2.0 exhibit. In addition, GuideWell Chairman and CEO, Pat Geraghty, will be speaking at the conference on Wednesday on Transparent Consumer Markets and Social Decision Models. Finally, we will be live streaming from the conference through YouTube enabling the public to attend this exclusive event. Stay tuned to see conference highlights as well as thought-provoking interviews with national health care leaders representing physicians and clinical providers, entrepreneurs, payers and technologists.

Healthy Human 2.0 – The Exhibit

GuideWell is empowering the consumer to manage their own health by using innovative technologies to integrate data – from wearable devices to electronic medical records. We work directly with entrepreneurs and start-up companies to provide new solutions to the market and develop partnerships to bring the best solutions to life by improving affordability of care and individual health outcomes.

The exhibit allows MediFuture 2024 attendees to experience how GuideWell is bringing these innovative solutions to life in the home, office and clinical care settings to help people from all demographics live in the new future of health.

The exhibit follows a woman named Sondra through a day in her life. Sondra is a 39 year old IT Director with a busy husband and two growing kids. Sondra’s father passed away last year and her mother just moved in with her immediate family. She has a busy life, cares deeply for her family and their well-being and needs to integrate healthy-living into their daily routine in an efficient way.

The first stop on the tour of Sondra’s day starts in her bathroom where we are reimagining health in the home. Technology and data integration are allowing us to bring the management of health into routine daily activities. We showcase this through a smart mirror that allows Sondra to manage her family’s health, their health records, calendar and wellness activities all in one place. Every morning she logs her exercise and weight-loss program for her pre-diabetes program and then checks her family’s calendar to see if her husband’s crazy travel schedule means he’ll need extra sleep this weekend or if they have any upcoming wellness appointments. This technology helps every member of her family. Her mom can manage her EKG data, her daughter gets reminded to brush her teeth and Sondra gets notified of her son’s soccer schedules so they never miss a game.

The mirror is intended to show what is possible when GuideWell brings data to life for the consumer. Technology is constantly evolving, and we anticipate consumers will be able to access this type of data from just about any device in the future. The next stop in Sondra’s day is her office where GuideWell is reimagining health at work. We are focusing on helping employers and employees like Sondra to have a healthier, more productive workplace. We are currently deploying pilot projects to research the impact of well-being on productivity, alertness, attention and stress. The exhibit features one of these pilots, a sleep pod. The connection between sleep, overall health, stress and productivity is an area we are very excited to continue to explore.

The last stop through the exhibit is a visit by Sondra to a health kiosk in a retail setting. Consumers like Sondra are looking for more convenient ways to access care. At GuideWell, we are deeply focused on helping care providers leverage the power of data as value-based reimbursement arrangements demand improvements in continuity of care, efficacy of treatments and a more informed relationship with their patients. The remote health kiosk from HealthSpot featured in the exhibit makes it easier for someone like Sondra to access care outside of normal business hours so she doesn’t have to miss work or pull her kids out of school. It also provides greater accessibility for consumers that live in rural locations.

We are exploring remote and telehealth opportunities at work, at home, on a device or in a remote health kiosk like this to increase access and reduce the cost of care. This exhibit is a representation of the work we are doing to reimagine health at home, at work and with care providers to help people and communities achieve better health. To learn more about the specific innovation initiatives GuideWell is in involved in on a regular basis, we invite you to follow this blog or to connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter. In addition, we would love to connect directly with you to discuss your own innovation efforts or potential partnership opportunities. Follow us this week on YouTube as we interview some of the experts leading revolutionizing American healthcare.

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Annie Erstling

Annie is a social media and communications consultant for GuideWell. She’s passionate about using the power of great communications to positively impact health and wellness for the communities GuideWell serves. Connect with her on Twitter @annieerstling or on LinkedIn.