Too often, aging seniors’ social and emotional needs are forgotten and unaddressed by the health industry. Social factors like loneliness are now identified as a predictor of early morbidity in the senior population, which challenges the health industry to provide affordable care for mind, body and soul. Because of GuideWell’s coordinated efforts to solve for just this challenge in the elderly population, Oliver Wyman invited Dr. René Lerer, president of GuideWell to co-...

November 17, 2016

By Craig Thomas, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, GuideWellConsumers and some newer players such as genomics companies, retailers and even employers are radically transforming the health market. Ignore those changes, and today’s stalwart institutions may be tomorrow’s Kodak or Blockbuster. Yet what does tomorrow look like? How can your health care company pivot towards new opportunities, yet remain grounded in its strengths? How do you make your company “agile” and chart its way through these currents of change?The good news is – lighthouses are out there....

May 28, 2015
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By Kate Warnock, Social Media Manager at GuideWellMy interview with Arden Buchanan, GuideWell Connect’s director of database marketing, took a left turn about ten minutes into the podcast recording. Our topic was supposed to focus on hyperpersonalization, or the ability to use data models to help drive the right offer to the right audience at the right time. In this age when consumers expect a Brand to remember past visits and customize their current experience (without being creepy – too much familiarity is as bad as not enough), hyperpersonalization is an essential marketing...

March 10, 2015

An Interview with Mark Stryker by Kate WarnockAccording to Mark Stryker, GuideWell Connect’s Chief Business Development Officer, the worst marketing approach a Brand can deploy is to try to be all things to all people. Not only is it “physically impossible,” Stryker suggests it could be the fastest way for your Brand to lose its competitive edge – and for consumers to smell a fake. The smarter way to connect with consumers begins with knowing the audience segment that is the best fit for your products, then personalizing that segment’s experience with your Brand...

February 24, 2015 marketing str

With Mark Stryker, GuideWell Connect Chief Financial and Business Development OfficerIn year two of the health insurance marketplace, consumers realize they have more options as more carriers enter the market. Yet our own Mark Stryker observed that most were reluctant to rush in and make a selection at the start of 2015’s Open Enrollment. In our second installment of “...

pat geraghty 2

Thanks to health care reform, a market that is increasingly consumer-focused, and technology that is drastically changing how care will be delivered, the health care industry is in a state of flux. Yet flux can represent the right time to optimize your organization and ensure your value proposition delivers what is needed tomorrow, not yesterday. We were able to get some behind-the-scenes insights from our own CEO and Chairman, Patrick Geraghty, into how GuideWell has taken an entrepreneurial approach to these industry stresses. Our interview is the inaugural podcast for our new podcasting...

December 4, 2014
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How Will the Consumer of 2014 Shop for Health Insurance?by Mark Stryker, Chief Financial and Business Development Officer, GuideWell Connect.Have you noticed how the health insurance industry has evolved to being very similar to the retail environment in terms of seasonality? With the overlapping open enrollment periods for the IU65 and Medicare markets, as well as for many employer groups, the fourth quarter of the year has become incredibly important for the health insurance segment.The media talks often about the health industry...

November 4, 2014