Video Message: Renewing our Commitment to Slowing the Spread

Pat Geraghty

Today it is very clear that COVID-19 is not easing up. In fact, in Florida – we’re hitting new COVID-19 records almost daily. The number of new cases is climbing. And hospitalization rates are also on an upward trend.

It is imperative to urge one another, our families and our neighbors to renew our commitment to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Each of us need to do the right thing for ourselves and one another to avoid our community experiencing an even more severe impact.

The most effective way to prevent the spread of the virus is to avoid being exposed in the first place. There are four proven, simple steps we can take to reduce the risk of transmission.

1: Wear a mask.

2: Practice social distancing.

3: Wash your hands.

4: Avoid crowded places.

I urge you to follow these simple steps. Remind others to do the same. A Working together, we can bring the virus under control.

Now more than ever, our collective actions will dictate our shared future.

Kelli Tice-Wells, MD

While we are eager to return to our “daily routines,” for now it is critical that we stay vigilant about staying safe. And how to stay safe has not changed.

As Pat referenced: First, wear a mask: Cloth masks can stop more than 90% of the droplets that transmit the virus.

Second, Social distance: Keep at least six feet between you and other people outside your home. Remember, even people who do not appear sick can still spread the virus to you if you are too close.

Third, wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after being in public.

Fourth, the World Health Organization has recommended avoiding crowded places with many people nearby and confined places with poor ventilation. If you do decide to gather with others, studies suggest that it is safer to do so wearing a mask and staying outdoors.

Resources exist to keep you, your family and our communities safe. Click here for additional help and support.