How Are You Navigating the Power Shifts in the Health Industry?

By Craig Thomas, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, GuideWell

Consumers and some newer players such as genomics companies, retailers and even employers are radically transforming the health market. Ignore those changes, and today’s stalwart institutions may be tomorrow’s Kodak or Blockbuster. Yet what does tomorrow look like? How can your health care company pivot towards new opportunities, yet remain grounded in its strengths? How do you make your company “agile” and chart its way through these currents of change?

The good news is – lighthouses are out there. You just have to know where to look.

In times of massive change, it’s always smart to begin with what you know. At GuideWell, we have analyzed these health industry power shifts and designed new business models built to optimize our strengths, and strategically innovate where market opportunities are most viable.

Anticipating that the consumer would be the new center of gravity in this post-ACA era, GuideWell Connect deepened its knowledge and grew its expertise in all the ways that make us more relevant to the consumer:

• Marketing – making offers, messages, channels and timing more precise through data models, using 800+ inputs to truly know both our prospects and our members;

• Telemarketing – expanded to include chat messaging so our award-winning agents connect based on the consumer’s preference; and

• Retail consulting – meeting the demand for a consumer face-to-face experience.

With our core sales funnel refined for a more optimal consumer experience, we took a harder look at the stakeholders who’ve entered the health field. While some might only see competitors and upstarts, we saw complementary approaches. And experiences. And novel ways to think through the toughest challenges, like making care more affordable, accessible and consumer-centric. By embracing complex relationships, GuideWell Innovation is collaborating with stakeholders to ideate, pilot and commercialize new health solutions. Our new facility, the GuideWell Innovation CoRE will offer a physical home for this collaborative ecosystem to flourish when it opens in 2016.

What does this mean for you? GuideWell is a beacon for transformation in the health industry. We invite you to explore how your company could be a part of tomorrow’s health care solutions. Meet our team in Booth 847 at the AHIP Institute and see how GuideWell can help you. Missed seeing us there? Connect with us here.


Craig Thomas is GuideWell’s chief strategy and marketing officer and provides leadership for the facilitation and development of enterprise strategic direction, expanding the company’s innovation process as well as marketing functions, such as brand management, advertising, direct sales channels, market research and retail operations. Craig is also the President of GuideWell Connect. Listen to his interview with Joe Lavelle on how health plans can grow to be more consumer-centric.

About the Author

Kate Warnock

Kate is the social media manager for the GuideWell enterprise, and specializes in creating content that connects GuideWell with health influencers in the social space. Find her corporate podcasts on iTunes and follow her on Twitter @mkatewarnock.