CEO Video Message: Pat Geraghty Announces New Health Insurance Solution - Truli for Health

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Hello, everyone. It's no secret that 2020 is a challenging year in so many ways and for so many people.

Economically, it's been particularly hard on small businesses.

Long before the coronavirus forced businesses across the country to close, we were working to create a new product to help small businesses address affordability.

Nearly 60% of small businesses in Florida don't offer health insurance to their employees, often due to cost.

To answer their need for an affordable, innovative solution, we created Truli for Health, the newest affiliate of Florida Blue.

Truli is our health maintenance organization for HMO designed for small and mid-size employers that officially goes live July 1st.

We're rolling out this new option in eight Florida counties, with plans to eventually take it statewide. Truli addresses affordability and sustainability by reimagining the way health care is both financed and delivered.

You hear us talk a lot about creating unique, local, value propositions. In this case, Truli meets the needs of price-sensitive employers by partnering with leading, local health care systems and physician groups, including our own GuideWell Health clinics.

Truli's value-based compensation model supports each member's relationship with their doctor and makes it easy for the provider to coordinate care and support the member's care journey. Small and medium-size businesses are the backbone of our economy. Truli will help put better overall health within reach for an important portion of Florida's workforce.

As healthcare costs rise and businesses' needs evolve, innovation is necessary. That's why we began building Truli two years ago. And given the impact of COVID-19 on people's health and the economy, the need for people to get and stay covered is greater than ever.

I'm proud of the way Truli for Health is increasing affordability and access to care. And I'm really proud of the team that has been working so hard for so long to make the Truli vision a reality.

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